Demos Global Group is a U.S and Spanish company with own personal in both countries and more than 27 years of experience.

We are specialists in products regulatory compliance and its conformity in the U.S and Latin American export. We have an expert team in FDA regulations, USDA, EPA, CPSC and other federal and state U.S government-dependent agencies.

We have also an own specialists network in different sectors and areas to offer a complete service in the process of implementation in United States and Latin American. We assist private companies, governments, organizations, associations and Chambers of Commerce in necessary regulations and norms to exporting to the United States.

All our works are supervised by company partners, and they will have the responsibility to help our clients in all their needs.

The consultancy is comprehensive, including corporative issues, the appropriateness of where and why start a company, national and international tax problems, labor issues, registration of trademarks and patents, insurances, the maintenance of the annual company structure and regulatory aspects on the specific products on a federal level in United States.


Dentro de nuestros clientes están empresas privadas de todos los tamaños. Pyme, medianas y multinacionales europeas y Latinoamericanas, así como gobiernos regionales y nacionales de Europa y Latinoamerica. Universidades, asociaciones de empresas en distintos sectores y organizaciones públicos y privadas de exportadores. Igualmente asesoramos permanentemente a casi todas las Cámaras de Comercio en España y las AMCHAM a lo largo de América Latina y el Caribe

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